Amtrak 8 Has Cascades 469 Trailing Crew Chatter at the Amtrak Station: BNSF 5454 leads H-BRCNTW


First off is CP 2nd-287 with a NS SD60E leading The Scanner picks up a 681 getting a Track Warrant Lastly is BNSF Z-STPCHC


Amtrak 822 was leading Amtrak 8. Here are some shots at Dakota, MN After Lunch, I headed south to the Marquette sub where I caught CP 674 at South Siding Switch Kains Returning north I race a Z train up the river until just south of La Crosse. Z-CHCPTL had CP 9824, a Ex Holiday…
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Amtrak 8 – 1/26/18

Amtrak 8 was running 5 hours late, with Phase III heritage unit, 822 leading. I wish the sun had stayed out, then these would have turned out much better. Link to crew chatter at the station

Chase of CP 475 – 1/20/18

  We start with KCS 4815 slowly heading north through a work zone, just south of La Crescent, MN The train enters Bluffs (La Crescent Yard) allowing for a nice view of the brand new AC4400CWM’s CP 8127, AC4400CWM After finishing there work at Bluffs, we end the chase at CP 286, with 475 meeting…
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