As many outings do, I catch Amtrak 8 crossing the Mississippi River bridge at La Crosse  In New Albin, IA I see CP 8860 leading CP 575 Just south of Harpers Ferry, IA I see a shiny new SD60-3 leading CP 691  I was unable to catch up to CP 812 until McGregor, IA Heading…
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First up is Amtrak 8 and CP H20  Heading south I catch CP 475 north of New Albin, IA and chase it all the way to La Crescent


After catching nothing for a hour, I hear CSX 5329 getting a Track Warrant Heading north, I hear NS 7522 getting a warrant behind 5329


The main purpose of the day was to catch the Amtrak deadhead move of a Talgo set to Seattle.  First I catch Amtrak 8 and CP H-19 I head up River to Dakota, MN for CP 198 Staying in Dakota, UP LTA42 (Trackage rights Train Winona, MN – Adams, WI) The last train at Dakota…
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I had some time to kill, so I headed to the Amtrak depot for a few trains.  First is CP 680 with a new AC44CWM rebuild leading Next is CP 674 Lastly is CP 287


Heading towards the Marquette Sub, I stop for CP 471 near Donehower, MN I see nothing until Lansing, IA when I hear CP 675 getting a new Track Warrant. Then I would chase it all the way to La Crescent


After the La Crosse Train Show, I head out for some railfanning.  First is BNSF H-NTWKCK After checking out the Free-Mo setup, I wait for Amtrak 7 Lastly is CP 280 with a SD33ECO leading


Taking advantage of the extra daylight hours, I shot two trains on a Friday Evening


I started out by catching Amtrak #8 Next up is CP 286 with NS 4061 an AC44C6M After lunch I hear CP 381 calling the mileboard for Homer After 381, I chased CP 474 from La Crescent to Lansing, IA The last train of the day was CP 674, with two CSX C40-8W’s Leading


For videos, please visit my Facebook page Next was CP 280 with a pair of CSX Tier 4’s After completing work at La Crosse, BNSF 6958 leads the H-GALNTW (Manifest, Galesburg, IL – Northtown Yard, Minneapolis, MN) I crossed back over to Minnesota and chased CP 482 from Minnesota City to Homer Heading back up…
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