I knew NS 8103 was coming on U-NSBFYN for a few days, but it got held up due t0 the derailment in Aurora, IL. Even better than the heritage unit, a NS SD40-2 was leading


Before CP 581 with NS 1074 can depart, Amtrak 8 has to pass


Before chasing 812, I catch 198.


Testing out my new Canon 24-105 lens, I capture a few trains starting with CP 585


As most trips start out, here is Amtrak 8 I Chase 287 for a while


Amtrak 173 – Amtrak 7 BNSF Q-PTLCHC


Finally warming up for the spring, but still with snow on the ground, I catch 474 at Homer, MN After 474 clears, 375 pulls out of the siding at Donehower BNSF and NS power are leading this 686 Amtrak 184 leads Amtrak 7


I received word of a Loaded Iron Ore train U-KEEMAD (Unit train Keewatin, MN – Madison, IL), the first one in several years.


While waiting for D&H 7304, I catch a few other trains at Dakota, MN


As many outings do, I catch Amtrak 8 crossing the Mississippi River bridge at La Crosse  In New Albin, IA I see CP 8860 leading CP 575 Just south of Harpers Ferry, IA I see a shiny new SD60-3 leading CP 691  I was unable to catch up to CP 812 until McGregor, IA Heading…
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